Did You Know Serenity Spa Shop Loves To Blog?

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Did you know Serenity Spa Shop loves to blog?


Welcome to Serenity Spa Shop's first blog post! We love to blog, we love our products and we want you to love them as well. This will be our opportunity to share some additional product information, talk about various tips and secrets on how to create a luxurious spa experience in your own home as well as sharing inside beauty secrets!


In case you didn't know, we have been carefully hand-picking some of the best products for you and couldn't be more excited to share them with you. Unique spa and beauty items ranging from Hand Creams to Foot Creams to relaxing Zen Fountains to Cupcake Bath Bombs, no worries we've got you covered. This blog will serve as a great way for you to comment on what you like, what you're not sure of and what you may like to see us carry in the future.


On of our most favorite new products is our shower infusers that make us want to do a little cheer! You know like clapping and jumping up and down, shouting loudly...you get the idea. This product is so clever and convenient. You see, if you are not particularly a bath person (even if you enjoy one once and awhile) or simply do not have the time for a bath, this is the spa item for you! It enables you to be able to have a spa-like experience in your very own shower on a daily basis if you choose....doesn't that sound quite lovely?

What actually are shower infusers you might be wondering? They are like bath bombs that you add to your running water as you are drawing a bath, but are meant to be placed in the bottom of the shower!! Once the hot water and steam reacts with the infuser, it then releases the Essential Oil vapors helping to relax the body and mind. Let's face it, we all need to relax our bodies and mind.


We offer them in 3 luxurious scents including Lavender Relax, Mint Original and Citrus Energize. I recommend using the Lavender Relax before bedtime (for obvious reasons), the Mint Original for after a hard workout (or not-so-hard) workout, and finally the Citrus Energize for those crazy stressful early mornings. Another use for the Mint Original is for when you have a cold. The essential oil 'vapor' of the mint helps to relieve stuffiness! Can you say, YES that sounds great!

Oh, and they are individually foil wrapped so they are perfect for travel or the gym...can you imagine the jealousy from your fellow gym peeps when they get a whiff from your amazing aromatherapy shower!!

We offer them in bags of six but if you really like them we also have a special where if you buy 5 bags of 6 infusers you will get the 6th bag for FREE (who doesn't love free!). If you think about it, none of us have a lot of time and taking baths involve time. Showers are a much quicker option but are usually not that relaxing. This is why we are so excited over these Shower Infusers and believe they are such a great idea! Who doesn't want to add a little spa experience to your ordinarily boring shower? We truly hope you try them out and then let us know what you think!


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We'd love to connect with you all and share in this beautiful journey of spa-love and most importantly self-love! After all it is most important to take care of number one, so you can better take care of all you care about!






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