Best Beauty Gifts For The Holiday Season

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Best Beauty Gifts

For The Holiday Season




Who else cannot believe that the Holiday season is here with Thanksgiving being only three weeks away? It seems like it was literally just summer time, but have no fear as Serenity Spa Shop has been working hard to find some of the finest holiday beauty gifts including some from our very own Serenity Line.


Rather than wait until last minute, which we know many of you will do anyway :), why not get a jump start on your shopping? With just a few clicks you can be done, yes we said it, DONE with your shopping. Doesn’t that sound amazing? After all Serenity Spa Shop is all about choices having items from every price point and every personal need. Whether you are into all-natural goodies, or high-end Italian made skincare or fragrances, we have got you covered. Did we mention we have the perfect spa robes and spa slippers as well? They'd be a great choice for your next spa day out, or at home, or for that upcoming bridal party!


Now for that hard to shop for tween or teen, we highly recommend our Gingerbread Organic Beauty Set featuring a Whipped Sugar Scrub, Lip Balm, Hand & Body Lotion and Bath Bomb. The gingerbread scent featured throughout these products is best described as "yummy" with hints of ginger, cinnamon, clove and a dash of vanilla (just like your favorite cookie recipe). You can be certain that you’re giving a gift that is full of good-for-your-skin ingredients. B.t.w., we offer this 4 piece organic set in Pumpkin, Vanilla Chai, and Jack Frost (a little something for everyone!!).






Another Serenity favorite is of course our 100% all natural soy candles with the perfect Holiday Season scents of Pumpkin Spice, Crackling Firewood, and Pine Forest. These candles have no additives or synthetic colors, they burn clean and are even fragrant when they are not lit. They come in a white box, totally perfect to just add a bow and give, give, give! These candles are handmade using blends of oils for their fragrance. Did we mention they burn for up to 45 hours?






We also love our Diffusers and Oil Warmers for a nice gift that screams ‘home for the holidays’. They are also a perfect choice for any guys on your list that you have no idea what to get, after all men like their space to smell good too right? This beauty below is our Angelic Oil Warmer that would make a great addition to anyone’s home, especially for the holidays! Simply add a tealight candle and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. We suggest warming Cinnamon oil to truly have your home smelling like Christmas. We offer many Essential Oils on our site also which in and of themselves, make a terrific gift. There are thousands of uses for essential oils as you may know and because of this they are such a versatile and thoughtful gift for basically anyone on your list!


Now do you happen to know any yoga lovers? If so we have a few yoga beauty products that will certainly make the bestest of gifts! First may we suggest our After Workout Essentials beauty set featuring an 8” x 5” bag made with reclaimed yoga mat materials. Additionally the set includes a Post Workout Balm, Mini Natural Deodorant, Oil Cleansing Facial Stick, and a 4oz Shampoo Bar. These products are made with care, and with healthy, botanical ingredients. Simply throw this bag in your gym bag and you will be set to freshen up after any workout. Can you say, Great Gift!!


We also have our Serenity After Yoga Blend Shower Steamers, hand-made little circles of goodness. These are made with high-quality essential oils including a blend of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. If you don’t know what a shower steamer is, it’s like a bath bomb but for your shower. You place a steamer away from the drain and the steam from the hot shower will start to slowly dissolve the steamer releasing the fragrance. Our tip (especially if you could spare an extra few minutes) is to let the hot water run over your body, relaxing, while the steamer starts its aromatherapy wonders before you begin washing your hair and body as these products also have a distinct aroma. This way you can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits for a little while at least. You could probably get 2-3 uses per steamer depending on where you place the steamer and how long you shower. We like to place any unused steamer in a baggie for the next shower.



Serenity Spa Shop has so much to offer if you can spare a few minutes to browse our different categories this gift-buying season! Owner Tori Lee (that's me!) has carefully selected each and every item on the site from our valued vendors as well as adding our treasured Serenity Line to the mix. Tori’s background in the beauty industry has certainly paved our way into being able to provide you with quality beauty products, some that are so unique they would be difficult to find in stores and major online retailers.


We hope you can take some time this Holiday Season to kick-back, enjoy yourself and not get too stressed. It is a time for family, reflection, and of course shopping (which we hope we’ve helped you with a little). Be sure to follow us on Social Media as well for gift ideas straight through the holidays along with discount shopping codes that we frequently post!

Wishing you Peace & Serenity,


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