Autumn Vibes

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Hooray it's autumn, for some it is their favorite time of the year and for others, well they cannot seem to get over that the summer ended. Wherever you fall in the autumn excitedness scale, one thing is for certain and that is it brings us all back into comfort foods, comfy clothes, apple picking, and pumpkin everything!


Did you know that pumpkin in beauty products is very beneficial? Pumpkin is super filled with vitamins, minerals, and the seeds contain good-for-you fats. The use of pumpkin in facials has great benefits to your skin as pumpkin contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, which are the foundation to all facial exfoliants. So, adding a pumpkin face exfoliant would be key this time of year. It just so happens we offer one with our Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Scrub. Pumpkin also contains the antioxidants Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps to soften and soothe skin and most exciting is that it boosts collagen production to help prevent the signs of aging! Win-Win!!


We do offer several other pumpkin beauty products as well, so we'd love for you to check out our new Seasonal category to see what we have added!


In case you didn't know, we also added our brand new Serenity Line which includes a yummy, snuggly Pumpkin Spice 100% all natural soy wax candle made with essential oils that will keep on giving off its scent even when not lit. So wrap yourself in a warm toasty blanket, light the candle, throw on some Netflix (don’t forget to put your feet up) and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while taking in the aroma of this magnificent'll thank us ;)



Even a change in skincare and daily makeup routine can be enjoyable. Our skin tends to get paler and duller looking so we need to add warmth back in. Adding more browns and spice colors to eyeshadow looks, darkening up the lips, blush, and even hair color are a nice change. If you don't switch up your makeup looks, take a nice trip to the drug store and give it a try. You'll be amazed how much a little lipstick change can do for you!


Not to sound too philisophical, but seasons changing can bring new beginnings to people, sometimes you need to look for them and sometimes they just happen (kids starting school, seasonal employment, holiday time, etc.). This time of the year for so many is their most favorite season. Crisper weather arriving is a welcome change and you can even notice it when you simply breathe. It's like you step outside and just want to take in the fall air, which during the summer months for many of us is something that is unheard of. There are people that certainly get quite sad when summer ends, but it seems that this can be quickly gotten over with the thought of smelling pumpkin bread baking in the oven. Now that sounds like a great idea!


If you really think about it and are on the fence over your love of fall, just get out there and enjoy the nature surrounding you. You can do it!  Especially now before the holidays start creeping up and making everyone feel stressed and overwhelmed. Or if you're in states that get snowfall where then you don't get out much, fall is a great time to explore this beautiful season!


Whatever your take is on Autumn, we hope that you can find some great new beginnings or relish in the old traditions you so look forward to each year.


Thanks for reading and as always, wishing you peace & serenity!


Tori Lee



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