Aromatherapy for Peace of Mind?

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Aromatherapy for Peace of Mind?


Have you ever come home from a long, exhausting day and just need to relax? Well of course you have! You just might need a little Aromatherapy (the use of pure plant Essential Oils to promote balance in body, mind, and spirit). Aroma-therapy (breathe in aroma and feel the therapy begin) has many known benefits and can be enjoyed in various forms including by pairing your favorite essential oils with a diffuser. 


What is a diffuser you might be asking?


Good question! As states, a diffuser is:

-a device for utilizing part of the kinetic energy of a fluid passing through a machine by gradually increasing the cross-sectional area of the channel or chamber through which it flows so as to decrease its speed and increase its pressure.


So when you add Essential Oils to a Diffuser, you benefit from aromatherapy at its best, at least we’d like to think so!  After all, every essential oil (we offer many essential oils on this site in case you didn't know) has different known benefits such as;


Bergamot:  best known for its uplifting, citrus aroma which is spicy but also sweet.

Eucalyptus:  widely used for its truly refreshing properties.

Geranium Rose:  has been used throughout history as a great comforter. It has a spicy, floral aroma and is well known for its balancing and refreshing qualities.

Lavender: The herbaceous oil from true Lavender has a simple, sweet, floral note. Refreshing and calming properties and widely used at bedtime.


There are many, many more but that is just a brief overview of some of our favorites. We offer essential oils that also come in blends which can add a whole other level of variety to your desired aromatherapy experience.


Now that you get the idea, we’d like to share with you some other ways for adding aromatherapy to your life that you might not have thought about. Aside from your home, your place of sanctuary and peace (well we hope that you can call your home those lovely things) and if not, maybe a diffuser can help?


How about taking your essential oil aromatherapy with you in your daily commute with our portable diffuser?




Think about that for a minute, it is the end of your long work day, you get into your car to start you dreadful drive home. But, you plug in your portable diffuser with your essential oil of choice and suddenly your drive home becomes tolerable and quite possibly, enjoyable! 


How about bringing a diffuser to your work environment? You might possibly become the new favorite employee that everyone wants to be around. Here’s another great idea, buy a diffuser for your boss or co-worker who might be suffering from a bad case of stress-itus! Diffusers are a thoughtful, unique gift that can be made even more personal by adding an essential oil that you pick to go along that is fitting for your gift recipient.


Whichever way you may decide to use a diffuser, we’d like you to know that many of the diffusers we offer are silent, run for 10 hours with one water fill, can cover multiple rooms, and can combine LED soothing light to your aromatherapy experience. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Aromatherapy has been around for a very long time, but as technology advances so does the ways in which we can enjoy the many benefits from aromatherapy. The diffusers we offer are some of the finest around that are manufactured with care and preciseness to ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality device.



Thanks for reading and we wish you peace and serenity, as always!

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