5 Beauty Tips to Look Younger

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Serenity Spa Shop's Owner, Tori Lee's 5 Beauty Tips to Look Younger!



We all want to look younger, right? Well, you all can look younger and achieving this isn't as difficult as you might think. Often times we just assume we do not have enough hours in the day or the natural skills to be able to keep up with our appearance. Let me tell you that where there is a will, there is a way when it comes to beauty. I have put together 5 relatively simple-to-achieve beauty tips that I know you can all handle that will give you a much more youthful appearance, no matter what your age!



Quote 1Number One – Eyebrows

You may have heard that eyebrows ‘frame your face’ and if you haven't, well they do they really do!

If your eyebrows are un-kept, unruly & not shaped, your face just doesn’t look ‘complete’. After all, eyebrows in 2018 are just as popular if not more so as they were back in the 1950’s.

Ok so are you not sure how to shape your brows? Girlfriends if you have a smartphone, tablet or PC simply search ‘eyebrows’ and you will be inundated with information. 

Highlight pointHere are a few brow pointers I can offer; make sure your brows have a nice arch and that they extend outward just a touch past the end of your eye. You should be able to draw an imaginary diagonal line (or hold a pencil as a guide) from the outer edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye then up to your brow, and this shows you where your brow should end. Many women’s brows stop short from over-plucking (mine included) and then are left that way. Take an extra minute from your current beauty routine and extend that brow line with a nice brow pencil (there are tons available!). Also, take that brow pencil and gently fill in any scarce areas by doing gentle strokes upwards. Most important, use a spoolie to brush the brows up and out (the 'spoolie' brush is often found at the other end of the eyebrow pencil). 

Let’s re-cap. If you put makeup on but ignore your brows as many of you do (come on admit it!), you are not finishing your look. It’s like wrapping a present with no bow or ribbon. A cake with no frosting. Windows without blinds or curtains….you get the drift!


Number Two – Scent

Did you know that your perfume can make you smell old? Well it can my friends. Many ‘classic’ scents are just that….classic. Forget about all those old perfumes and try out something with a clean, light & fresh scent. How many times have you walked past someone and either went, "Ew, she smells overbearing", or "Wow, she smells so fresh". Trust me you rather give someone the second impression.

It is true some perfumes can be quite expensive so here is a great cheaper option. Try an essential oil based fragrance spray as a substitute for alcohol based perfumes. You can find some right here at SerenitySpaShop.com. You can also make a DIY fragrance by mixing your favorite essential oil with jojoba oil, coconut oil or an unscented massage oil and then placing it in a roll-on container or dropper. Lavender and ylang ylang are my fav's!



Hair shampooNumber Three – Hair

I’m sure you all know your hair is an important asset in your beauty regimen right? So why do so many of us let it go? Money? Not enough time? I am not a hair dresser although I admit I am pretty skilled with hair styling and using hair tools, so for me it comes a bit easier. Believe me though, you can spruce up your hair on your own for $10 or even less to get rid of those grays, ugly roots or even dull hair. If you want to look younger, you need to cover those bad boy grays, it's that simple.


So I suggest to take some time in the drugstore beauty aisle, there are usually women around who will help you, and pick out a shade of a permanent hair dye closest to your own shade. It is actually a really SIMPLE application, just follow the instructions. If you can shampoo, you can color your hair!

Another tip for youthful looking hair. Try some face-frame highlights or lighten your base shade one or two shades. For this I recommend going to a salon. Highlights will bring some brightness to your complexion and a lighter shade overall softens a woman’s look as she ages.



Number Four – Teeth

Ok, here we go. Yellow teeth make you look old! Let me repeat….yellow teeth make you look old!! Sorry that sounds kind of harsh, haha. But seriously there are so many products available right in your drugstore (including great whitening toothpastes, strips & mouth rinses) that there is really no excuse for not giving it a try. If money is of concern there are even some simple inexpensive home remedies you can make that work pretty well (do an internet search for ‘teeth whitening home remedies’).

The dental industry has come a long way with their whitening products that are gentler & less irritating to your gums, yet highly effective. If you’ve thought about whitening your teeth, now is a great time to give it a go! After all, whiter teeth make you smile more, give you more self-confidence and as mentioned, make you look YOUNGER!



Number Five – Nails

So yes you may do your nails, you may even go to the nail salon. But, you probably choose the same safe colors over and over like rose, mauve, lilac shades and maybe a French mani here or there. Kind of boring and predictable, don't you think?

A simple and easy way to keep it 'young' is to pick a 'young' color. What’s a young color you ask?

Think royal or navy blues, dark burgundies, gray/silver/gunmetal tones or even white. It may feel weird at first or like your borrowing your daughter’s nail polish, but give it a try and then expect to get many compliments!




ToriLeeK headshotWell, there you go, my top five tips and tricks to make us not only look younger but feel younger! I hope you try at least one, if not all of them!


I truly love all things beauty, whether it is sharing beauty tips or being able to bring you amazing spa and beauty products like we have here at SerenitySpaShop.com. 


Thanks for reading and as always, wishing you peace & serenity!

Tori Lee





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