10 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Serenity Spa Shop

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10 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Serenity Spa Shop!


We all love to shop, right? And of course, shopping online has become more popular and more convenient than ever.

Just like there are pizza shops and beauty salons on every street corner, there are thousands of e-commerce websites.


So what makes us different? Why shop at Serenity Spa Shop? Well, we’d like to tell you….



1-      We have a simple and easy website to navigate around. Even if you’re not sure what you are looking for we have a live scroll on the homepage of some of our best-selling products. Or you can choose to browse the various category’s and sub-categories where we’re quite certain you will stumble upon something that catches your interest. You can also type a keyword or complete product name in our search bar to assist in your shopping quest.


2-      Did you know we handpicked every item on our site from the most reputable vendors, and are constantly adding new goodies? We like to think of ourselves as a melting pot of some of the best spa and beauty products placed all together in one easy-peasy spot. You may find while browsing the site that there are even items you never knew you needed until reading about them.

For example, who would ever have thought you needed Monkey Farts Whipped Body Soap in your life until you laid eyes on it?

Isn’t it the most yummy thing you’ve ever seen? We certainly think so!


3-      Gifts, gifts, gifts! Do we need to say much more?     


Wow have we assembled some of the greatest gift ideas for you to browse through. If you have a beauty lover in your life, a picky tween, or even a hard-to-shop-for male, we’ve got you covered. Our gift baskets are a no duh solution, already picked and put together in great presentations for you to just purchase and give. However, if you look a little deeper into our site (and by deeper we mean click on our Gifts Category, hehe) you will find some excellent and unique gift ideas.

Zen fountains, essential oil warmers, organic body products, and handmade soaps to name but a few!


4-      We offer lots of all natural and organic products. If you’re into the organic way of living especially with the products you use on your face and body, we have many excellent choices for you. It somehow just feels better knowing that what you are putting on your body has zero chemicals in it, right? Try our Simply Nature Organic Unscented Body Lotion for starters (especially if you’re someone who is sensitive with fragrances).


5-      Did you know we almost always have coupon codes in our social media posts? Hint, hint! This means there’s potentially always something on sale because we love discounts just as much as everyone else!


6-      Speaking of social media, we are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and we are highly active on them all! We feature and post many of our products as well as things we find insightful, silly or sometimes just simple notions. Posting almost daily we have found it is a great opportunity for us to connect with you, so come join us! We have our social media links on our home page at the top right-hand corner if you’d like to join in on the fun!!


7-      As you know we are called Serenity Spa Shop, right? Well, part of what our mission is to help you to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your own home. While exploring our different categories you might see how the various products can work together to create your very own spa day. For example, take your favorite essential oil, pair it together with one of our oil warmers and add a tealight candle for your aromatherapy and mood starter. Then draw a nice hot bath adding one of our bath salt soaks. Dry off, and put on one of our luxurious spa robes  while you prepare a Chocolate Treatment Mask. After your superb facial mask is complete follow up with your facial cream of choice (we offer many) and body lotion like our Bali Coconut Butter Lotion! You get the idea now right??



8-      Our prices our reasonable! Forget spending $150 on an eye cream that comes in a one-inch container like you’ll find at the department stores. Sure, some of those products are ok, but we’d like to think, in fact we are quite certain that the products we offer are just as good if not better than the super-high end skincare lines. Remember, we have researched and searched for the most unique, yet effective beauty products for you.


9-      You can return any product! We hope you don’t want to but you can. Most beauty sites won’t accept returns due to the personal nature of the items, and once somethings opened and tried, it can’t be re-stocked. If you really don’t like something from our site, just follow our return guidelines and we will take it back, no questions! Many of our items do have ingredients listed so if you are sensitive to certain things, please read through ingredients and/or key product scents before buying to help avoid any potential problems.


10-   The world we live in can be so stressful at times. Serenity Spa Shop says, “We’re your online escape from reality”. By that we mean we have very carefully chosen every aspect of the site from graphics, to colors, and of course products to give you a nice well-deserved break from the everyday grind while shopping with us. So take some deep breaths, browse our hundreds of specially chosen spa and beauty products and put together your very own spa day for yourself or for a superb gift for that special person in your life. Even if you just browse, we hope at the very least we can help you find a little ‘me time’.       


We certainly hope we've politely convinced you to give us a try and do some much needed stress-free shopping!






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