After Yoga Blend Shower Steamer

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After Yoga Blend Shower Steamer

After Yoga Blend Shower Steamer w/Essential Oils


Love yoga? Love working out but have no time for a bath afterwards -but- still want a refreshing aromatherapy experience? Then our After Yoga Blend Shower Steamers, made of essential oils including Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint from our new Serenity Line, are the perfect solution!  Even if working out is not your thing, but you’d like a nice wind-down to your day then Shower Steamers might be your new best friend!


What is a shower steamer anyway? It is like a bath bomb but it works in the shower providing an aromatherapy experience that will bring your shower to the next level.


Use: Carefully open the steamer packaging and place in the bottom of the shower (away from the drain) and start the water.

  • Our tip to get the best experience from your steamer is to take a few minutes in the beginning of your shower to just enjoy the hot water and aromatherapy that will start to envelope your space, before you begin washing your hair and body (especially if you use products that have their own unique aroma’s). Depending on the length of your shower you may get more than 1 shower out of the steamer. Just move the steamer to the side for the next shower or place in a plastic bag.
  • You may also add a few drops of your own essential oils right on the steamer before you begin your shower for even more aromatherapy benefits (lavender, lemon, or peppermint is recommended). 


Packaging: Each steamer is individually shrink wrapped to keep it protected. You have the option to order individual shrink wrapped steamers in single or multiple quantities, or the gift set containing 2 steamers that comes in a clear gift box with rafia ribbon.


Natural Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid,100% pure therapeutic grade Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils, witch hazel, organic coloring


*Use caution when exiting the shower as it may become a bit slippery once the steamer dissolves due to the essential oils. 


Each steamer weighs approximately 3.2 oz and is 3.25 inches by 2.25



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