Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Do you know Serenity Spa Shop has some of the most unique Bath Bombs?


Perhaps you’ve been wondering what a bath bomb is? Is it like the bubble baths you remember from when you were a child? The answer is a resounding no! 


Bath Bombs are made to add to your running water as you are drawing your bath (or can be ‘dropped in’ once you’re already in your tub) and they provide amazing aromatherapy and skin softening benefits!


We have lovely seasonal Bath Bombs including the smells-oh-so-good Sweet Honeysuckle Bath Bomb (just in time for spring and summer)!


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Agave Lime Bath Bomb

Agave & Lime Bath Bomb   Are you ready to slip into a good bath soak with this&..


CBD Bath Bomb Gift Set

CBD Bath Bomb Gift Set   Wouldn’t you love 3 Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs? With this..


Champagne & Gold Bath Bomb New

Champagne & Gold Bath Bomb

Champagne & Gold Bath Bomb   Have something to celebrate? Need the perfect gift? Well..


Coconut Avocado Bath Bomb

Coconut & Avocado Bath Bomb   Are you ready to slip into a good soak with our toxin-f..


Comfort CBD Bath Bomb New

Comfort CBD Bath Bomb

Comfort CBD Bath Bomb   It’s new and we LOVE it! Meet our Comfort Bath Bomb with&nbs..


Lavender Bath Bomb

Relaxing Lavender Bath Bomb   Why not enjoy a relaxing bath with this handmade Lavender B..


Orchid & Vanilla Bath Bomb New

Orchid & Vanilla Bath Bomb

Orchid & Vanilla Bath Bomb   Imagine a walk through an exotic jungle with wild orchid..


Sea Salt & Kelp Bath Bomb

Sea Salt & Kelp Bath Bomb   We love this Sea Salt & Kelp Bath Bomb, which wi..


Serenity CBD Bath Bomb

Serenity CBD Bath Bomb   It’s new and we LOVE it! Meet our Serenity Bath Bomb with 5..


Sweet Honeysuckle Bath Bomb Out Of Stock

Sweet Honeysuckle Bath Bomb

Sweet Honeysuckle Bath Bomb   Honeysuckle Bath Bombs not only remind us of spring and sum..