Who Loves Hair Care? We Do!


Let’s face, we all love our hair, right? And, taking care of our hair is super important. Why not use products that have been carefully researched and chosen specifically for their effectiveness and quality.

If you are a fan of Italy then you will be fan of our Olivella shampoo and conditioner set. The Olive Shampoo is uniquely formulated with natural olive extract rich in Vitamins E and K to help protect hair from environmental damage. The Olive Conditioner revitalizes and regenerates dry and damaged hair. Its texture completes the shampoo's action, regenerates damaged hair, dry, dull or treated thanks to its Natural Virgin Olive Oil formula.

Got beard? We have you covered as well with our Beard Oil! It is organic and formulated with a smart Cedar and Coconut scent. It is perfect for men who already have a beard or are in the process of growing one.

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Beard Oil

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Olio di Oliva Shampoo

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Olivella 1 Shampoo + 1 Conditioner

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Olivella® The Olive Conditioner

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Olivella® The Olive Shampoo

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