Of Course Everyone Needs Soap


But everyone doesn’t necessarily use the best soaps for your body! Serenity Spa Shop offers some of the finest handmade, all natural soaps picked from quality vendors throughout the United States.


From our handcrafted Poison Ivy and Oak Treatment Soap to Grandma’s Beauty Bar Goat Milk Soap to Hungarian Black Soap, we’ve got you covered. Or, should we say clean!



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10 Natural Homemade Soaps + 1 Bar Free!

Set of 10 Natural, Handmade Soaps plus get 1 bar free! Stock up for the whole family, give them a..


Activated Charcoal Whipped Soap New

Activated Charcoal Whipped Soap

Super Popular Activated Charcoal Whipped Soap   Did you know that ACTIVATED CHARCOAL has&..


African Soap

Your Body Will Love our African Soap!   African black soap is revered for having skin nou..


All Natural Poison Ivy and Oak Handcrafted Soap

Got Poison Ivy, or Poison Oak? Our 100% Natural Poison Ivy/Oak Soap is handcrafted with an..


Apricot Lemon Coffee Soap

Our Apricot Lemon Coffee Soap is full of exfoliants - ground apricot kernels and coffee working..


Bergamot & Blood Orange Soap

Such a unique twist on citrus with our Bergamot & Blood Orange Soap! Blood orange essential..


Blue Raspberry Lemonade Whipped Soap

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Whipped Soap Body Frosting   This extra creamy body frosting is a..


Bundle of Organic Soap Scraps

How About Trying a Bundle of Organic Soap Scraps?   Serenity Spa Sh..


Citrus Lavender Organic Soap

This lovely Citrus Lavender Soap with orange essential oil and hints of tangerine and lemon, pr..


Coconut Lime & Vanilla Soap

Coconut Lime & Vanilla Soap™ This coconut oil soap scented with Lime and Vanilla forms par..


Frangipani Coconut Soap

Frangipani Coconut SoapProduct Of VanuatuAn all natural, chemical-free virgin coconut oil soap scen..


Grandma's Beauty Bar Goats Milk Soap

Grandma’s Beauty Bar Natural Soap   Nothing gets you cleaner than Grandma’s Beauty Bar ..


Grandma's Pure Lye Soap

Nothing gets you cleaner than Grandma’s Pure & Natural Lye Soap!  Has NO detergents, ..


Handmade Coconut Oil Soap Gift Set

Handmade Coconut Oil Soap Gift Set, the Perfect Gift   Need a great gift for someone who ..


Hungarian Black Soap

You Will Love our Hungarian Black Soap!   A natural decomposition of a multitude of plant..