Aroma Wrap Luxury Hot/Cold Neck Wrap

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Aroma Wrap Luxury Hot/Cold Neck Wrap

Aroma Wrap Luxury Hot & Cold Neck Wrap


Serenity Spa Shop loves this Aroma Wrap! From the moment you take it out of the box, prepare to fall in love! It is made using ultra soft fabrics and the best-engineered design features. We know you will certainly enjoy your Aroma Wrap for years to come. Combine your favorite essential oils with the long known benefits of neck wraps and this will bring joy and serenity to anyone who uses it. Browse our collection of Essential Oils to find your favorite!


  1. This perfect wrap allows you to add your favorite EO’s for a personalized aromatherapy experience like no other. Simply add a few drops onto cotton rounds and slip rounds into cuffs on end of the sleeve for ultimate aromatherapy bliss. If you have a headache, may we suggest Peppermint Oil. Suffering from a cold/sinus issues, try Eucalyptus Oil. 
  2. Removable/Washable Sleeve (keeps your wrap as a constant companion for the long haul).
  3. Five separate natural herb and grain filled inner chambers which allows for complete coverage of the aching and tense muscle relief areas in neck and shoulders….(many other brands designs has the inside filling sliding all over the place, except where you desire).
  4. Pass through pocket for securing wrap around neck/shoulders (no more holding handles and creating more tension in an area you are seeking relief).
  5. Use as a heated or cooled wrap (all seasons of enjoyment and refreshment). Simply microwave when seeking the moist heat benefit and place in freezer for a soothing cool down experience. Filled with all natural herbs/grains (Rice, Flaxseed, and Lavender Buds). 
  6. Great heat retention (30 minutes plus) per 90 seconds in the microwave. 
  7. Baby blanket soft and quite fashionable!
  8. Unique and one of a kind gift for him/her.

Product weight is under 2 lbs. 

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