About Us

Ever walk through a quaint village and peak inside the various shops along the street only to discover you love everything you see?
At Serenity Spa Shop we search & then search some more to bring to you the finest and most unique
spa & beauty related products very much like you'd find at such shops. 
We are also very fond of the notion of making searching for gifts super easy,
so we've dedicated an entire category to ensure gift buying is a breeze.
We have spa gift sets, serene fountains, and skincare sets to name just a few.
Owner Victoria Lee-Kocenski's background not only in business but in the beauty
industry as a model, makeup artist, beauty blogger & social media manager
of an all natural cosmetic company, has led to her desire to bring the
peace & serenity felt during a spa day to the comfort of one's own home
by showcasing wonderful spa products. 
These exceptional items are hand picked one at a time from reputable
manufacturers & offered to our customers at reasonable prices. We want you to love these products as much as we do!
Please drop us a note if there are any items we've missed and you would love to see!