Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

Who Loves Body Scrubs?


Serenity Spa Shop certainly does! We love our Body Scrub category and the many exciting and fabulous scrubs we have chosen for you.


From our Fair Trade Coffee Sugar Scrub which is made with 100% Organic Fair Traded Coffee, to our Rose Whipped Sugar Body Scrub, we have various scents, consistency’s, uses and price ranges in this category.


Come back often as we are constantly adding new goodies for you such as this amazing Sea Salt & Kelp Body Scrub!

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Acai & Goji Berry Body Scrub

Acai & Goji Berry Body Scrub, a Must Try! Serenity Spa Shop welcomes this amazing good-fo..


Coconut & Avocado Body Scrub

Coconut & Avocado Body Scrub   Serenity Spa Shop highly suggests this good-for-your-s..


Cranberry Fig Organic Beauty Set

Cranberry Fig Organic Beauty Set   The holidays are here and this set is a perfect way to..


Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating Gloves   Massage & exfoliate your skin with our great exfoliation gloves!..


Fair Trade Coffee Sugar Scrub

Fair Trade Coffee Sugar Scrub   Love your morning coffee as much as we do? Did you k..


Gingerbread Organic Beauty Set New

Gingerbread Organic Beauty Set

Gingerbread Organic Beauty Set   Need a great, pre-made holiday gift for someone special?..


Jack Frost Winter Organic Gift Set

Jack Frost Winter Organic Beauty Gift Set   Winter time is the perfect time to take ..


Lime & Agave Body Scrub

Lime & Agave Margarita Body Scrub   Need a vacation? This south-of-the-border Li..


Orchid & Vanilla Body Scrub

Tropical Orchid & Vanilla Body Scrub   Did someone say vacation? Well, this..


Organic Gingerbread Whipped Sugar Scrub

Organic Gingerbread Whipped Body Sugar Scrub   Why this gingerbread scent smells good eno..


Rose Whipped Sugar Scrub

Rose Whipped Sugar Scrub   Treat yourself to Serenity Spa Shop’s newest find, our lo..


Sea Salt & Kelp Body Scrub

Sea Salt & Kelp Body Scrub   WE LOVE this ocean oriented body scrub! It is the vacati..


Vanilla Chai Whipped Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Chai Whipped Sugar Scrub   Ok, so think of warm notes of cinnamon, ginger, clove ..