Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Do you know Serenity Spa Shop has some of the most unique Bath Bombs?

Are you wondering what a bath bomb is? Is it like the bubble baths you remember from when you were a child? The answer is a resounding no! They (bath bombs) are quite frankly, the BOMB, hehe!

Bath Bombs are made to add to your running water as you are drawing your bath. We have the most adorable Cupcake Bath Bombs (perfect for tween or teenager gift giving) that will start first start to fizz at first and then the top can be separated from the bottom to use as a gentle sugar scrub. Can you say multi-task?

 We have Bath Bomb Creamers that add soothing properties to your skin leaving it fresh, clean and moisturized. Perfection!

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Bath Bomb Combo

Organic Bath Bomb Combo!   What better way to unwind, relax and wash negative energy down..


CBD Infused Bath Bombs Out Of Stock

CBD Infused Bath Bombs

CBD Infused Bath Bombs, the Latest Craze in Skincare   Not your kids bath bombs, these ar..


Grapefruit Mango Bath Bomb New

Grapefruit Mango Bath Bomb

Grapefruit Mango Bath Bomb   Our lovely Grapefruit Mango Bath Bomb is the perfect ba..


Hawaiian Ginger Flower Bath Bomb

Hawaiian Ginger Flower Bath Bomb, Aloha!   Our lovely Hawaiian Ginger Flower Bath Bomb is..


Lavender Calming Shower Steamer

Lavender with Chamomile Calming Shower Steamer     Feeling stressed after a long ..


Lavender Chamomile Sundae Bath Bomb

Lavender and Chamomile Sundae Bath Bomb     Lavender and Chamomile Bath Bomb..


Men's Bath Bomb Set

Serenity Spa Shop LOVES this Men’s Bath Bomb Gift Set!   Come on you know you want to tre..


Mentholated Shower Steamer

Mentholated Wake Me Up Shower Steamer   Need a jump start on your day? Wake Me Up Shower ..


Monkey Farts Creamer Bath Bomb Out Of Stock

Monkey Farts Creamer Bath Bomb

Did you know that Bath Bomb Creamers are truly a MUST HAVE for a delightful bath time experience? Th..


Ocean Pacific Bath Bomb New

Ocean Pacific Bath Bomb

Ocean Pacific Bath Bomb   Our lovely Ocean Pacific Blue Bath Bomb is the perfect bat..


Thermal Bathbomb

You’ll Love our Thermal Bathbomb   Enjoy the benefits of a Thermal Bath Therapy right in ..